Cold tolerance is a hot topic

Anthuriums originate in the tropics and prefer temperatures of at least 15 degrees Celsius. Fortunately, there are also Anthuriums that are not scared of a little bit of cold.

For years Anthura’s breeding has focused, amongst other things, on technical plant properties, including the plant’s cold tolerance. The level of cold resistance is thoroughly tested. If a plant does not meet the strict selection standards and fails to pass the test, it will not be added to our assortment.

The cold tolerance of a variety varies and can indeed affect your assortment choice. In the winter season in particular, information about cold resistance is essential, so we are happy to provide you with this information.

Extensive product information
Information about cold tolerance can be found on our website in the online product database.

With just a few clicks you can easily make a selection among hundreds of varieties and compare their levels of cold resistance.

A good cold tolerance of 7 degrees Celsius is a property which ensures that the plant remains in good condition during transport throughout the chain. This is valuable information and a huge advantage for everyone if a variety boasts this characteristic.

Royal Champion®, a real ‘cool’ hero

‘Cool heroes’
The 10  most cold tolerant varieties at this moment are:

  • Royal Champion
  • Piccolo
  • Joli
  • Sharade White
  • Oklahoma
  • Sweet Dream
  • Felicita
  • Fiësta
  • Vanilla
  • Namora

There are other varieties that can withstand colder temperatures, but the Anthuriums mentioned above can even withstand a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius during a 48-hour period.

Further information
For more information about cold tolerant varieties, please click here and select the GOOD cold tolerance characteristic.

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