Plant journey

Every day, we challenge ourselves to develop new varieties, new colours and new shapes, thus creating an enormous diversity of Anthura varieties, which are produced throughout the world.

The breeding of Phalaenopsis and Anthurium is a lengthy process, in which the highest attainable quality is the absolute standard. Before our products reach consumers, they have already been on a ‘journey’ of seven to eight years.

  • Breeding

    Veredeling van Anthurium snijbloemen

    Cross-breeding takes place in our large breeding greenhouse. Only the best seedlings are selected and cloned.

    The newly developed varieties are thoroughly tested and inspected. Each plant of a particular variety has to comply with the desired characteristics; therefore each plant is tested over and over again. In a large test centre the plants are exposed to various climate conditions.

  • Looking to the future

    Showkas Orchidee
    The most promising Anthurium and Orchid varieties are presented to growers in the display greenhouse. Every week new varieties, which go directly from the breeding department to the display greenhouse, can be evaluated by growers and traders.

    This way, growers have the unique opportunity to select their future varieties at a very early stage.

  • Propagation

    Vermeerdering Anthurium en Orchidee in het laboratorium

    After years of thorough testing and selecting, a potential variety is propagated in our own laboratories. The in-vitro laboratory in Bleiswijk is equipped with modern installations. The propagation of Anthurium and Orchid plants is carried out here using tissue culture.

    The hygiene standards are extremely high and work is carried out under sterile conditions. The plants therefore meet the highest quality standards, resulting in a healthy start of the cultivation of young plants.

  • Healthy growth

    Groei van Anthurium en Orchidee in kas

    In a 12-hectare large, state-of-the-art greenhouse the Anthurium plants continue to grow. Our cultivation method is innovative and energy-conscious. This greenhouse complex in Bleiswijk is equipped with a fully automated logistic system, diaphragm screens, assimilation lighting and air humidification to guarantee the most favourable climate conditions.

    The young Orchid plants are grown on the production site of Anthura Arndt in Germany, where the climate conditions are also perfectly attuned to each growth phase of the plant with the help of computers.

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