Tissue Culture technology

Tissue culture technology is based on the theory of totipotency i.e. the ability of a single cell to develop into whole organism. The major components of the technology include choice of explant (part of plant), growing of explant on a defined medium in a glass/plastic vessel (in vitro), elimination and or prevention of diseases, providing appropriate cultural environment and transfer of plantlets from growing vessel to natural environment (acclimatization and hardening).

Explants are produced under sterile condition in plant tissue culture laboratory through clonal propagation followed by a pre-rooting and rooting phase. After the laboratory phases, rooted  explants are shipped for acclimatization in specially adapted greenhouses as tissue culture plants are not photoautotrophic and morphologically less developed

Tissue culture production requires a high degree of knowledge and expertise. Plant Tissue Culture process technology is established and has proven to be reliable in combination with: good management practices, expertise of plant physiological issues, appropriate physical conditions and aseptic working conditions. Planning, monitoring, tracking, tracing and continual assessments and a pro-active approach are essential for a sustained reliable long term production