Marea, imagine nature

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Natural shapes and colours; that is what Marea® stands for. A flower that seems to originate directly from the jungle and therefore strongly appeals to the imagination.

Marea matches almost seamlessly with the more natural and informal way of arranging bouquets, which is quite popular in the Netherlands at present. Or, simply an individual flower in a beautiful vintage vase results in a lovely combination which consumers can certainly enjoy for a long time.

Cut flower Marea® ©Anthura


Due to the flower shape, you are looking directly into the heart of the Marea flower. As a result, she is also very suitable for large arrangements to decorate hotel lobbies, churches or mosques. The shelf life of Marea amounts to 34 days on average. The special feature is the pink flame, which will be increasingly predominant as the flower is cut at a more mature phase. In the vase this colouring will last well, resulting in a special presentation.

The technical characteristics of Marea respond perfectly to market demand. A good production, shelf life and flower shape are obvious. But the solid, long stem and the coarse roots are also important and striking features. By cultivating fewer plants per square metre, it is possible to grow an even sturdier flower diameter. In this case, the flower size can be increased to a maximum of 15 cm.

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