In-house storytelling

The greenhouse has been transformed into a showroom, and more than ever is a place where there is plenty to do. The aim is not only to offer growers, but especially traders and their customers, a unique experience during their visit. 

Already a ‘trending topic’ during the customer relations day for cut flowers, the ‘Bricks’ are still indispensable for us. The importance of personal and professional advice when making the appropriate variety selection in combination with being able to touch and view products live is the essence of our shopping experience.


Shopping experience in our showroom
We are paying even more attention to storytelling: our showroom is decorated to show inspirational shop windows filled with products.

Think positive           urban jungle

Every day consumers are exposed to millions of stimuli and products. Storytelling is a way of making a lasting impact in our minds; our brains adore stories. The way our brain works forms the basis for the powerful effect of storytelling. A story is easily manageable, interesting and it is a logical way of processing knowledge.

The introduction of new Anthura varieties goes hand-in-hand with attractive variety descriptions and visual components such as photos of impressions. Take, for example, Anthura Stellenbosch and Vanilla®.

Orchid Anthura Stellenbosch                       Anthurium Vanilla ©Anthura

Innovative ideas
We also consider innovation on the shop floor; new ideas such as 3D visualisation will give you sneak preview of the showroom in Bleiswijk from a distance. This way, we are transmitting something of the in-house shopping experience to you and your customers.

Experience the floral beauty of our showroom
During the Flower Trials (14 – 17 June 2016) the doors will stay open for you all week long! If you prefer to visit us on another day, arrange an appointment with one of our product specialists. They will be happy to make a date with you.