Cirano: the purple innovation for everyone

In the spotlight
According to the latest consumer survey, the pot Anthurium is elegant, exotic, colourful, and makes people of all ages and categories happy. If there is one colourful variety that makes everybody happy, it certainly is Cirano®.

With the introduction of this ‘purple beauty’ we hope to raise the interest of the younger target group for pot Anthurium. The variety is hip and can be used in any interior.

Cirano® ©Anthura

The variety is suitable for the small 9 cm pot size up to the 17 cm pot size. In this last pot size it will have a compact appearance with plenty of flowers. Because of its colour it is ideal for any interior and would not be out of place on the coffee table or the windowsill.

Its high-gloss flowers are of excellent quality. The elegant flowers stand beautifully above the foliage and the spadix has the same deep purple colour. Obviously, this variety has an excellent shelf life and is also cold tolerant. Besides Cirano® the other purple varieties Utah®, Cavalli® and Fiorino® are still doing particularly well in several countries around the world.

Anthurium Cirano® ©Anthura

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