Celebrating 10 years anniversary Kunming Anthura

Kunming Anthura is celebrating its 10th anniversary. This milestone is celebrated with the people and companies involved in the last decade. From suppliers to wholesalers and retailers. But most of all, together with all customers. Being the innovative expert on Anthurium and Orchids, the company is not only looking backwards, but is foremost looking forward. Heading towards a long lasting, sustainable future. With one clear message: it is and will always be easy doing business with Kunming Anthura.

Anthura_KunmingAt the booth during the Hortiflor Expo Beijing hundreds of people participated at the WeChat contest. The picture which is liked most, taking in front of the Anthurium Waterwick wall with the 10 year logo in, will win a tablet. A party favour when celebrating a birthday.

Another attraction which gained lots of attention was the brand new VR tour through the show greenhouse. From now on, everybody is 24/7welcome to check the latest varieties.

But most of all new varieties were the actual eye catchers. Like the Orchids Anthura Cali and Anthura Mukalla and Anthurium varieties Oklahoma, Solara and Vanilla– with true yellow flowers. Many people showed their interest in these long(est) lasting flowering potplants with positive environmental characteristics.


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