Flowershop(ping) experience

Ordering flowers online offers convenience, but where does the enthusiast get his/her inspiration from? Where do the real flower and plant lovers go to?

 A floral tour across the Dutch capital Amsterdam not only provides us with a lot of inspiration, but is also reassuring. The florists are extensively represented and are great ambassadors for the horticultural sector.

The flower sector chain has quite a few links and dialogue with consumers is sometimes hard to achieve. How do we, as breeders and growers, reach the customer? Online initiatives are increasingly an option, but physical points of sale remain essential. Florists are not disappearing from the streets, but are more visible than ever.

The Netherlands has approximately 3,921 points of sale for flowers and plants (source: Locatus and CBS). The florist’s craftsmanship is characterised by creativity, knowledge and skill. The offering of flower shops is diverse and they all create their own individual worlds. They are often real ambassadors who take immense pleasure in their profession.

What the florist does not have is not sold. It is overwhelming to see how much choice customers have in the shop. With personal attention for the visitor, florists take us by the hand and stimulate all our senses. Music, scent, colour, light and taste: everything has been considered. There is an abundance of flower arrangements for private as well as commercial sales. Thanks to attractive products, the use of finer details, a good service and personal attention, we feel connected to the florist.

Green shopping
Just like the fashion scene, trends can also be spotted in the world of flowers. These often reflect interior design trends. At the moment there is a wealth of greenery in high street stores. The emphasis on nature is not only present in flower shops, but also in fashion stores, and in the catering sector the “outside” is brought indoors.

img_2793-small      img_2801

img_2549       img_2795

Hanging plants, green leaves, plants in shop windows, interior design books featuring a wealth of flowers and plants in clothing shops, even getting into green things yourself… it seems that everybody has green fingers. We have noticed a lot of pots and vases in rough, weathered materials, often in earthy colours.


Phalaenopsis Anthura Santos


Anthurium Facetto® and Maravilla®


Bron: Home Deco








Lived-in, weathered hardware, natural accessories and green plants are combined with colourful flowers. We’re entranced by all this beauty. It is as if you enter another world in each shop. Back on the street, you’re glad to be able to take a piece of this experience home.

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Enthusiasm for purple
The availability of Anthurium and Orchids is large in the flower shops and we were surprised by the many colours. The consumer has so much choice, but one colour stands out: purple. It is a trendy colour which is particularly popular in the fall season. The florists are very enthusiastic about our new purple varieties:


Orchid Stellenbosch, Anthurium cut flower Maravilla® and Anthurium pot plant Cirano®